Sunday, May 20, 2007


For those of you that know us you are aware that we don't very often sit down to the table with your typical meat and potato meal!

One of our favorite meals to prepare is a seafood boil. Generally we don't do this unless we have friends or family over as it makes so much and we alway thought it was easier to make a big batch. Saturday night we were both craving a boil and thought even though it was just the two of us we would try it on a smaller scale. It turned out perfectly tastey!

We had a very relaxing evening and the meal became our entertainment. Aubrey helped prepare by puttting up the umbrella on the table; or she tried too! It was the two steps toward one step back deal! She turned the crank the right way then would switch and turn the wrong way! She finally gave up and had me take over.

In all we had a great evening! The weather was perfect and just right for a fire in the pit. Then soak in the hot tub and we were all ready for a good nights sleep!