Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Name

You may have noticed that I've changed the Blog name (address is still the same). In the past I've sold childrens boutique items on ebay and this blog was entended to be a source for my customers to keep up to date on new items for sell. Since July I have been giving the "business" much thought and have since decided that for now I'm done. I now longer will be listing custom boutique items on ebay. Although I do still have a few customers that I will be sewing for, now is the time for me to sew for my own daughter!! Last year Aubrey got left out because I was too busy making sets for other little girls.

I have a few outfits in the works for this years holiday season and I'm sewing a fun Christmas set for each my triplet nieces as well. I've enjoy the feeling of having no deadlines to follow!

So, for that reason the name of the blog has changed. I think the only people that read it anyway are my family anyway!! I've enjoyed posting entries. I'm not the best writer but I've decided that doesn't matter. It's really all about posting memories to share with the ones I care about.

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