Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reflecting on a New Year

I'm sure we all make new year resolutions. I don't know how many times I've made the "I'm going to lose weight and exercise more" resolution. Well not this year! Taking care of my self should be a given.... Instead I have resolved to return to the hobbies and crafts I've always enjoyed but always found so little time for.

During this past fall I have basically given up on ebay to spend more quality time on my little one rather then others. I have also redone the entire flooring in my house as well as crossed off so many little nit-picky items on my to-do list. This holiday season was a busy one. Aubrey was sick (which she never gets) and now that it is over and we have no more parties, events etc. and I'm pledging to return to the things I've always enjoyed but somehow have not made time for now for so many years.

I want to draw again, quilt again, and continue to scrapbook. I want to resume my glass cutting hobby. I want to read, crochet and maybe even find something new to learn......I'll have to fill you all in within the next couple of weeks what I'm planning to learn next!! As if I need another hobby!!

I hope you all are looking forward to a fresh start at the New Year! I know I am.

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