Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Day of pre-school!

I couldn't take the traditional first/last day picture out on the front steps due to the the front entry just had to do!

Aubrey had a great teacher this year! We sure will miss her!

Aubrey's last day of school took place at the Bettendorf YMCA. They spent the morning playing in the gym, having snacks, then headed into the pool for swim time before lunch. They all had a great time and so did us parents that came.

Aubrey thought it was cool that her friend Aubrie had the same swimsuit on!
A little story about the other Aubrie....when Aubs was born the nurse asked what we would be naming her. We told them Aubrey Lynn to which the nurse replied.....oh, that's the fourth one this week! Aubrey's friend Aubrie that is in this picture with her just happens to be Aubrie number three. She was born one day before my Aubrey....
So have I totally confused you all?
Hope you enjoy the photos.

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