Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today was Aubrey's visit to the doctor before starting Kindergarten. I must say that it went well. I had my concerns because I knew that there would be shots. As you can tell from the number of band-aides that she had a total of four shots.

I was VERY, VERY proud of her. She let the nurse weigh, measure, take her temp, blood pressure, check her heart, lungs, and eye sight. She answered questions when asked and even gave the doctor a big hug! We love Dr. Christa!!

Next order of business....the shots! She knew they were coming but I'm sure she didn't have ANY idea of what to expect! OH MY did she ever turn RED!! But all is well now....she has even taken one of the band-aides off!! We are normally fighting to get those off of her after a few days!

Now, the only thing left before school is a new outfit, and her back-pack. We will probably go out one night this week and try to get that done so we aren't scrambling at the last minute.

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