Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Have you ever had one of those weeks that it feels like just about everything is falling into place?

As I've posted before, we have found someone that can watch Aubrey before and after school. That was one of the biggest reliefs!

We have taken her to the doctor for her school check-up and she has her dentist appointment tomorrow. I hate dentists but I'll try not to let Aubrey in on that one.

I have paid all of the fees for school and just had one worry left....registration is while we are going to be on vacation. What to do? After a quick call to the school, I learned that because we attended Kindergarten Round-Up, registration is all taken care of.

An finally the last bit of information is who will her teacher be???? Well, we found out last night when we got home and got the mail! Sara, our next door neighbor, called to see who we got and was VERY excited for Aubrey when she found out who it would be! MRS. DAVIS. I guess she is one of the "reading" specialist at the school.

We have "Unpack Your Backpack" on Wednesday, August 20th. Kindergarten testing on the 21st and classes officially begin on Friday the 22nd. I'm going to take her and pick her up that day.......just because I want to! Then starting the following Monday she will be set to be taken to school and be picked up by her new sitter.

So, now all we have left to do is wait!

I do have a small project to keep myself busy before the first day. I'll be making her a new dress for the special day. I told her we could either go shopping or I could sew. She picked sewing!! That makes me very excited because I know that those days are running out!

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