Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tomorrow is a very big day in our household.

Aubrey will be heading off to Kindergarten and life as I know is will change....In many ways.

Today is her last day at Joni's. Our babysitter/bestfriend, that has helped me raise Aubrey from almost birth. She has told me that she is a bit sad to see her go. The Temples are more like family so it will be hard to not see them every single day of the week on a regular basis.

Friday being the first day of school, I've decided to go into work late and take her to school myself. That is one thing that I'm just not willing to miss out on. I will miss enough as it is being a working mom. I will also go pick her up.....after all I will be dying to find out all about her first day.

Chuck and I had decided that we wouldn't send her lunch with her everyday to school. We thought that if she was faced with having to make a decision of what looked best to eat in the cafeteria and knowing that this was her one chance to eat during the day then maybe she would branch out and like new foods. Well, lets just say that I don't think "Pork Taco Nachos with Salsa" is the way to start out the school year. So, tonight on the way home, Aubrey and I will be stoping by Target to purchase a lunch bag. AND, of course stuff to put in it. I guess one way to look at it...I was a picky eater too and took my lunch to school often and I still turned out okay!

Monday she will start with her new babysitter. Christy has a first grader and she lives in our neighborhood so she will be taking the girls and picking them up after school.

Then in about three weeks Aubrey is going to be starting a dance class! She is pretty excited about this. Christy's daughters are taking classes and since Aubrey will have to go along then I thought it would be just as easy to sign her up as well. It would have been tough for her to go along and just sit on the sidelines while the other girls were dancing and twirling away.

Last night was "Unpack Your Backpack" night. She took all of her school supplies and dropped them off in her classroom. She also got to meet her teacher again. I also got to see the classroom. I didn't get to see the inside on Kindergarten roundup that day. I found myself just wanting to stay and absorb all that I could. SHE IS GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

So, as a first time Kindergarten mom (and last time) I've got so many emotions running right now that I'm exhausted and feeling just a bit sick to my stomach. I'm sad but at the same time excited for her and all that she will learn and become. I'm also worried but yet at the same time confident that she will figure out on her own how to handle what ever comes her way.

So tomorrow after I drop her off at the first day of the rest of her life I think I'll swing on back home to load my pictures and share with you all. After all, it will give me a chance to compose myself before heading off to work. Besides....I may need to touch up my mascara!!!

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