Thursday, August 14, 2008


We are still having a wonderful time in Breckenridge. In my last post I mentioned that I would be taking Aubrey horseback riding. I would like at this point to report that the experience went well. But, I would be lying!

At 5 years old she would need to be on her own horse. A "pony" they told me and that she would be lead by the guide. No problem...she thought that would be great.....after all I did tell her that it would be the ONLY way that we would be able to ride. She was just too old to be riding double with me.

At the point where we were to mount our horses (or "pony") she melted.....completely lost it! Clung to my leg and REFUSED to mount her horse. She cried, screamed and just plain lost it. At this point the guide told me that we could go ahead and ride double. So, back to the barn to get some money back and rip up the old check and write a new one. They found us a horse big enough and old enough to carry both of us. A grandma horse named Sysco. Quite slow!!

Aubrey had a great time after this very eventful start. For the most part she has enjoyed everything we've done on this trip.

AND as promised, I will post pictures after we arrive back home.

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