Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I haven't had much motivation to post to my blog much lately. I suppose i'm just a bit on the lazy side.
I took these pictures of Aubrey before dance class a few weeks ago......i'm just now getting around to sharing them.
She has new ballet shoes, and a few new pairs of tights. The leotards are compliments of Grandma Hilbrant and the tap shoes come from Aunt Theresa and also a pair from a garage sale....I wasn't too willing to spend too much money on this adventure until I was sure she liked it.......so far it has been money well spent.

I've told her that there will be a receital in June where she will perform.....she says that sounds fun but I really don't think she has a clue as to what that involves! For those of you that are followers of my blog you might remember last years grandparents day at her preschool, or mother's day lunch at her preschool, or more recently, the first day of kindergarten....she is a bit shy about getting up in front of people and performing..... I have a feeling i'll be paying big bucks for the dance costume and it will not even see the stage! Oh, well.....someday she will out grow her timidness!!
In other news, we had her first Kindergarten parent/teacher conference last night. It was nice to actually talk with the teacher and get her take on how Aubrey's doing in class. She tell us that all is well and only a couple small things to work on......no surprises at all!
The next bit of news is that Aubrey will be losing a tooth sometime very soon! She is oh so excited........again.....i think she doesn't have a clue that it might hurt a bit with it is pulled out....and there might be a little bit of blood.......well, she will soon find out.
I can't think of any thing else that is too exciting around here so i'll close for now.
i'd promise you all i'll post more often but what would be the point in that!! too much pressure!!

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