Sunday, December 14, 2008


Meet Jasper. He is the elf that Santa has sent to our house to keep an eye on Aubrey and her naughty or nice behavior. Jasper arrived late to our house. I've heard that other elves come right after Thanksgiving but not this little guy. I'm beginning to wonder why. He seems to be into everything and has become quite the trouble maker. Pictured here is Jasper with many of Aubrey's favorite dolls & bears and it seems that he has started a snowball fight in the middle of the family room! I can't even imagine what he will try next!

For the first several nights while Jasper was at the house he just seemed to move about the house while we were sleeping or at school or work. He loves to play hide and seek and finds himself in the oddest places. He even became very dizzy one morning after he found himself latched to the ceiling fan..........while it was running!!
On one morning he hadn't moved all night. Instead he left a note for Aubrey that it is her behavior that allows him to move about. If she is good then he can play. If naughty, then he can't roam around at his will. Hopefully we will not have to have anymore of those notes left.
On Christmas Eve he will be heading back to the North Pole with Santa. AND, I'm sure he will be missed by all in this house.

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