Friday, January 16, 2009


So, I've normally considered myself a safe driver. One that can handle the harsh cold winter driving conditions without being a whenie. But since purchasing our latest driveable, a 2005 golden colored, Chevy Trailblazer, it seems that my confidence has tanked.

Last year I was driving and almost did a full circle while going around the corner. My stupidity i'm sure. This year has been no different. Yesterday it fish tailed on me twice while driving to work. BUT...this morning I experience more problems. Noticing that the truck in front of me was slowing, I did the same. Then noticing that the truck in front of me was getting closer and closer put me into full alert because my truck wasn't stopping like I thought it should. Next, seeing his bumper and thinking that if I didn't do something fast I would be soon be rammed into the back end of this truck....some quick thinking was needed. My first impulse (and best as it turns out) was to drive up over the curb and into the snow.....which is what i did. After driving off the road and realizing "oh CRAP" I didn't see that snow bank in my path.....I did the only thing possible and that was to drive into the snow bank coming straight for me.....which as it turns out I didn't drive "into" it but "through" it. With time to catch my breath, slow my heartbeat down a bit and wave to the people driving by me thinking I'm some sort of retard for sitting on the side of the busiest road in town in a snowbank, I have time to figure out how I'm going to get out of this mess. One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was....well if I put it into 4-wheel drive then I souldn't have any problems getting out of this big deal...just a fun story to tell my husband. Yippee!

I made it to work on time sort of....but had to take some time to check for any damage to my bumper. Yep, it's cracked. I will have to check on it again but I'm sure there is only just bumper damage. The cold was sure to play a part in the damage as well. With the temps as low as they are, I'm sure running into a pile of cotton balls would have caused the same amount of damage.

NOW TO INFORM THE HUSBAND.....dun, dun, dun....gulp!

Would you believe I think he was almost thrilled? Remember the post just before Christmas that I told you about his only wish for Christmas was to receive a new truck? Let's just say that the wheels are turning in his brain and it's making me nervous.

I'm am thankful that I was not hurt. I'm thankful that I didn't hit another vehicle and drag them into an insurance nightmare and most of all, I'm thankful that I'm still not sitting out in a snowbank on the side of 53rd Avenue in the sub-zero temps waving to the passers by like a retard!

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