Sunday, February 22, 2009


i accomplished alot this weekend....starting with friday evening, finishing the quilt for the diningroom table. today i finished quilting the runner for the spare bedroom. i have not yet sewn the binding on but wanted to show pictures anyway. as i've said before, i'm still in the learning stages of machine quilting as well as being fairly limited on the finished size that i can quilt with my machine. BUT, i'm pleased with how this one turned out. again, as i look at the pictures i see lots of blemishes but those are things what will just have to come with time and practice. i did a feathered border on this quilt as well and love how that turned out. i will be using this border again. i have many tucks here and there but again, practice will help that. here are just a few of the photos i took.

during the time this weekend that i wasn't working on sewing projects i was playing taxi to aubrey. there were many social events that she needed to attend this weekend! she is becoming quite the social butterfly. she had a movie night with a friend from school on friday evening and saturday night another classmate had a birthday party at a skating rink. the party was in eldridge so i decided that i would just stay at the rink and hopefully stay in the shadows to avoid her clinging to me and not taking part in the fun. as it worked out, the rink was reserved for the party alone, not available for open skating so we had the building to ourselves! it was perfect. as it happens most the the kindergarten class had not skated before so it was a good thing we had the rink to ourselves. the little skaters took turns skating with the birthday girls parents and sisters. by the end of the night it was fun to see how they all improved! our school has a skate night at the same place once a month for just the students in our school. that night will be next tuesday and it looks like we will be joining in the fun there once again.
by sunday afternoon it was time for a break! the house was clean, sewing projects completed, social events attended to, and chuck due home from dallas later in the afternoon aubrey and i both had time to sit and relax for a change.

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