Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have decided to share some of my New Year's Resolutions.....I don't think it's too late....but since it looks like it is no longer January and February is already almost half over why don't we call them "goals" rather then resolutions!

1. Read more to Aubrey - she is starting to really pick up on words and reading. I just want her to love to read like I have learned to love boxes.

2. Get into better shape - not only exercising but eating better and trimming off all that extra weight I carry around. I want to feel better about myself and be healthier for my family.

3. Be a little more frugal - only buy what i need rather then so much impluse shopping. fabric is my BIG downfall!

4. Sew more - i never seem to sew as much as i want to. I want to get to my sewing room everyday....even if only for a few minutes.

5. Finish more projects - I have way too many things going and Ibecome overwhelmed and that makes it hard to finish.

6. Use more of the fabric that I already have on hand - this is part of #2. my goal is to only buy fabric if it is absolutly necessary. I don't want to buy it just because it's cool! but because I NEED it.

7. Spend more time outside in the yard this spring and summer - last year I neglected my gardening and lost interest so most of the flowers I bought kind of went to waste. I also want Aubrey to play more outside with the neighbor kids and on her bike. This will be our first training wheel free summer!

8. Go to more garage sales and auctions - there are so many treasures out there. it is always a sence of accomplishment when you find something for next to nothing!

These are just a few! I have to say that I've gotten a good start! I've started a good exercise routine that I do daily and I'm eating better. I've cut down on wasteful spending in the fabric store. I've only bought 2 yards of quilting fabric and 1.5 of a decorator fabric and I have used them both up almost completely! I have also pulled all my (well not all of them....) unfinished projects together and am hoping to come up with a "plan" to get them all finished!!!! Maybe i'll not start another "new" project until one unfinished one is done ???? Yeah.....I know.... Or I can have the goal of one unfinished project needs to get done per month. ?? We'll see. Still working on the plan for that one!

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