Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, it is finally over. Another tax season is behind me and I have survived. Now I can look forward to other things.

I spent a nice LONG relaxing weekend "catching up" on many things.......sleep, reading, sewing, cleaning, etc. Also caught up on a doctors appointment this afternnoon and my dentist appointment this morning......two more things checked off my list.

During my time off I also had the pleasure of taking Aubrey to school and picking her up myself. She has become such a grown up little girl. She is so at home going to her school and continues to love it. Always learning lots and making some good friends.

Another big milestone this weekend is that she FINALLY let me pull her tooth! It has been loose and just "hanging" there for what seems like weeks but saturday she got it all twisted around and paniced and knew the only way to fix it was to let me pull it. Of course she made sure it went under her pillow for her tooth-fairy to come pick it up and give her some cash in it's place. AND, she wasn't disappointed to see that again her fairy left her with sprinkling of purple fairy dust all over her pillow.

Now back to the basement to do more sewing! I'm catching up on some unfinished projects and making a list of many others I looking forward to starting!

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