Saturday, June 6, 2009


the traditional picture the morning of the last day.

i gave my camera to elvira to snap some pictures of aubrey and lili on the last day at school. here are aubrey's friends from left to right: lili, olivia, aubrey, kylie and christian.

waiting to go inside.

after school, elvira took the kids to mc donalds for food and play. here is aubrey with icecream on her nose!

after i picked aubrey up from elvira's it was time from the recital rehersal. this is one of the only pictures that turned out well enough to share. she is the third one from the left. tonight is the real deal and if rehersal is any indication then we will do just fine tonight. she said she couldn't see us and we were right in front of her. she tends not to dance when i am watching.
so, wish us luck tonight! and lets hope it goes as well as the rehersal did!

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