Thursday, August 13, 2009

carson, aubrey and ian on the way home from our family photo session at wild cat den.

earlier in the day we all went to the "great river days" parade. like most small town parades it was short and lots of space in between entries. one of the highlights was seeing all the WW2 veterans. way to go ROGER !! these were the veterans that got to go on the last honor trip to washington d.c.
that's roger in the very back on the far right!

as for the kids, their favorite part of the parade wasn't any ww2 veteran but the candy that was to be had! each had their own bag and could grab as much as they wished. of course they all shared if one in the group couldn't get their share.

the fashion at this years parade was over the top! the first day of august and you would have thought it was october already. jackets for everyone! even grown-ups. AND check out that head band on holly ! boy do five/six year olds have a knack for style!

as the parade ended aubrey convinced her cousin carson that it would be a good idea to give her a piggy-back ride! aubrey will do anything to get out of walking!

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