Thursday, August 13, 2009


we don't have a pet of the feline variety, nor do we have a pet of the canine variety and i have long since killed off our bird by way of burning sticky buns in the oven, setting off the smoke alarm, giving the poor creature a premature heart attack......and we have yet to get any fish that we have talked about for some time...............
instead the pets we have are temporary. each one is only with us for a short time. it's the perfect solution for a child that wants to care for something and parents that don't want to do all the work when said daughter finds other interests to occupy her time.
so what is our solution for getting aubrey a pet? callapitters (yes, spelled incorrectly..... spelled just like the way aubrey pronounces them)
tonight was time to let two of her callapitters go. for the last two weeks we were on cocoon watch. patiently awaiting the time when they would mature into what i think are some of the most beautiful butterflies around.
morgan, our next door neighbor, releases the first monarch. it flapped it's wings for a bit then was spooked by a couple giggle girls that were anxious to release the next one.
we have two more that should come out of there cocoons in the next day or so and four other callapitters (well maybe only three.....i can't seem to find the fourth one in the he is only about a half inch long) that are happily munching away, preparing themselves for the next leg of their journey.

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