Monday, August 17, 2009


here is a peak at what i'm working on this week!
while the hubby is away at a class in kansas city for the week i'm taking three days off as vacation days. even though i'm not "going" anywhere i'm still in heaven as i have time to complete a few quilting projects that have been piling up.
the black and brown blocks above are a stack i'm working on right now. i have squared them up and am about half way finished setting the blocks.
the pink and brown block shown below are all layed out right now on my living room floor. these are my "bee inspired" blocks sent from my quilting buddies. i have one more block that should be arriving in and mail any moment now! i also needed to make three blocks of my own for this quilt. i have two of them done and one left to finish but have run out of cream fabric. since i was at the fabric store first thing this morning for other supplies i'm kind of putting off another trip until tomorrow. don't want the employees at joann's to put me to work if they see too much of me.
and finally, the picture below is a grouping of "cotton blossom" blocks that im using to make a runner for a piece of furniture in our bedroom. this morning i finished up the blocks, set them and finished up the quilting. i'll share photos later after the binding is stitched into place. that's a job i wait to do in front of the TV tonight when i'm too tired to sit in front of my sewing machine!
so....that is all for now! my basement and machines are calling my name!!

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