Tuesday, November 17, 2009


it's been awhile since my last post! i know all you die-hard fans of my blog out there have just been waiting for something new!
since it's been awhile i'll just quickly share a few pictures.
aubrey had two costumes this year for halloween. she was minnie mouse for her daisy troup (girl scout party)party.....and she wore her hawkeye cheerleader outfit for the actual trick or treating.....

and of course the fall just woundn't be fall without getting some photos playing in the leaves.....

and finally this fall.....we didn't go to our usual pumpkin patch as we have done EVERY year since aubrey was 10 months old.....it was just tooooooo cold this year and after some sickness in the house we thought it best to avoid it this year.....it has also gotten VERY expensive to go there now.....
instead we went to a friends farm and and picked some pumpkins from his patch for FREE!
as for what we have been doing that has seemed to keep us so busy? ...............between the three of us we have been working, playing, sewing (sorry, can't share pictures.....christmas is coming you know!) taking classes (chuck at the u of iowa and aubrey at dance), going to school, halloween parties (three of them), daisy troup meetings and homework (who whould have known that a first grader would have so much!)
so, you will have to bear with me as there is lots more planned for the holiday season.....i promise to find the time to share lots of photos of all the upcoming seasonal festivities.

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