Wednesday, February 17, 2010


this is a new little project i've started......not that i'm finished with other projects.....just felt the need to start yet another so it can sit unfinished now and then!
these are some dresden flowers.....not sure of the "official" name of them but that's what i'm calling them. my mother gave them to me because she knew she would probably never get to them. we believe they were made by her grandmother coder.....some maybe made by her mother....we aren't completely sure...... there are many fabrics that are included in the flowers that brought back memories of dresses that mom had when she was little.
so my plan is to use the blanket stitch on my sewing machine to attach the flowers to my blocks......i know....for some of you out there this would be considered a use my machine instead of stitching by hand....but here's the deal.....i either machine stitch and save a bit of time or just keep the flowers in storage....never to end up on a quilt because there is never enough time to sit and hand stitch.
i'm going to also make blocks to go in between each of the flower blocks.....i'm going to make the irish chain blocks to do far i'm on my third try.....squares were too big on the first it right on the second but have since seen a quilt along on someone elses blog that pieces the irish chain together in a different way then i've appears to be a much cleaner block then the one i've come up with....less seams....not as busy.
so when i've mastered my irish chain blocks i will cut the blocks to attach my flowers to.
oh yeah....the fabric for the irish chain blocks is also old....sorry...."vintage".....i went thur mom's stash and pulled out many that look like they are from the same time as the flowers......and no aunt alice....i didn't even make a dent in the stash......but have come up with many ideas of other quilts that i could make with what she has on hand.....
i guess now is when i tell you to tune in later to see the finished quilt.....hope you enjoyed the little sneak peak !


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Deanna! I'm happy to see how your doing on "your/our" project! Looking forward to seeing progress reports in the future. And -- YES -- there is still plenty of fabric left in "Mom's Stash"!


Anonymous said...

Great project, Deanna. I'm sure your mom was happy to share her stash with you. She's shared her stash with me,too, and I didn't make a dent in it either. She has motivated me with projects though.

Aunt Alice

Lexilooo said...

those are really lovely!

Alyson said...

Oh, I am so happy to find your blog! I love this quilt! I'm with you, some things just have to be machine stiched or they won't get done. Thanks for your nice comment happy to find you. :)