Tuesday, June 8, 2010


this is the quilt that i made mom for christmas.  i like to take the pictures of my quilts outside and since it was a bit snowy in december i decided to wait till spring.  on this quilt i used a mary englebriet fabric for the backing that had teapots on it.....that is what i used to match my fabrics to for the front.
this quilt in the pineapple block.  it is now one of my favorites!  the block is so easy to make!this is my most recent finished project.  i got a wild hair one day so i repainted the living room this green and made a quilt to hang on the wall above the piano.  i love dresden plate quilts....they look so complicated but the truth is they are quite easy!  the quilt and the painting made for a nice weekend sewing project while the husband was out of town!

having some problems with the sizing of the pictures....be patient with me while i try to fix it!

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