Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AND THE AWARD GOES TO................

a few weeks ago we had our AWANA award night.

aubrey had a good night......we couldn't have been prouder of her!

here she is getting her awards for book one and book two for sparkies.....

and here is her award for book three.....the JOHN 3:16 award.

since this was her first year in Sparks (which is a three year program) aubrey started with the first book and just keep working at it until she had finished all three.

she knew she would be getting the two ribbons and the trophy but she didn't have any idea that there was such an award as the "clubber of the year" award......so, needless to say she what quite shocked when they called her name for that award!

i have to say i'm quite proud of all the work aubrey did this year on her Bible memory. 

on another note i have to say that i'm especially proud of the example that she is setting with her friends.  each week i would drive two of aubrey's class mates from school to AWANA with us. 

picture in your mind three giggly girls in the back seat....i know....not a stretch for kevin and thresea.....but for me it became quite loud at times!  BUT, i devised a plan.....a scheme if you will.....that the 20 minutes that it took us to drive to church was to be used as study time.  they would all whisper to themselves their verses and at time would recite John 3:16 in unison together at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS !!  one time two of them were needing to learn the books of the Old Testament......so, in goes the CD that came with the book and all three girls would sing the Old Testament song ALL THE WAY TO CHURCH !!  in 20 minutes i think you can sing it about 18 times..

BUT, by the end of the year those three girls had completed eight books between them!  yep, so proud!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Aubrey on her Awana awards! Three books in one year is quite an accomplishment! And congrats to Mom for surviving the trips back and forth each week! :)