Tuesday, May 24, 2011


we had a garage sale this last weekend and aubrey set up a lemonade stand.  the weather wasn't hot and sticky but she did suceed in selling about four quarts of lemonade.  she sold it for a quarter a cup.  three or four people even gave her money without taking their lemonade....

she had a ball!  AND learned lots about running a business as an eight-year-old.

later that day we went shopping for a new kayak for aubrey.  now we can all three go out in the lake at one time.

after shopping around we found one we could "live" with at the farm and fleet store.  it was blue.

sunday after church we went shopping around for a paddle.  as we were paying for the paddle we noticed in the sale flyer at the register that the kayaks that we had looked at the day before where now on sale. 

after hunting down a sales clerk we dedided to take back the one we bought the day before and get this different one.  it wasn't a hard sell for aubrey to exchange....you see this new kayak is hot pink!  and you know....if your a girl, it is generally all about what color it is!

with new kayak and paddle in hand, daddy headed off to return kayak number one while aubrey and i shopped for a new life vest......

then it was time to load up the three boats and head out to west lake......

in she went paddling and handling her kayak like a pro!

all went well until the end when she became tired and hungry.  hint for the next time?  drinkables and snacks!

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