Tuesday, August 30, 2011


we tagged our monarchs this year.  i was suprised how easy it was to get this done.  i kept invisioning breaking a wing and harming the butterfly but so far i haven't had any problems other then a few of them taking a quick flight around my family room.

we have so far had a total of 31 catapillers that we have raised.  we have only lost 3 or 4 to an early death.  at the moment we have five cryslis that should be opening at any moment to release the beauty from within.

after spending a few minutes on my finger just chillin this little guy took off to rest in the tree before spreading his wing for a journey south. 

we hope that at some point we will be able to hear back from the "monarch watch" as to whether any of our tagged butterflies were found and recorded.  with so many out there it seems somewhat unlikely but i'd be happy to hear of the progress of just one!

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