Friday, November 4, 2011


just a couple shots of halloween this year.  each year the preperations are less and less involved.

this year we didn't concern ourselves with the costume until only about two weeks out.  grandma hilbrant helped put it all together.

the pumpkins this year were carved with about ten minutes to spare.......

the candy was purchased about three hours before the big event.  i again bought enough candy for about 300 kids.............yep.....i said 300.  about an hour in i was digging through our kitchen cupboards looking more more.  we ended up turning off the porch lights over an hour early because we ran out of candy.  our neighbor was keeping track of the kids.......seems we had this year was 450. 

while we were out tricking and treating the kids mentioned that it wasn't as fun as normal.....i think all three would have been perfectly happy to stay at the house in costumes and hand out the candy themselves.

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