Sunday, September 23, 2012


Back in May Chuck bought a new BMW.  He found one with all of the right everything that he was hoping to find in a used car.  The price was even right.

This new car ended up being the exact same color as his old BMW. 

This weekend he and Aubrey took the two cars for a spin......(grandpa gipson drove the other as Aubs is still a few years away from getting her learners permit as well as she can't quite reach the pedals).  They were looking for a spot for a few photos.

Aubs tends to like the old car better.  She can actually sit in the front seat because the it doesnt have airbags.


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Cody Strub said...

Chuck must've been so happy to find this BMW. He was able to find the qualities he had been looking for a car; But the best part is that it was sold to him for a great value. He definitely knows what a fair price is!

Auto Park Niagara said...

I wonder if Chuck really considered it as a new car, because its almost the same with the BMW he had before. He even got the exact color! He was indeed lucky, huh? He must've been more excited to drive after purchasing this car.