Monday, September 10, 2012

Well, where to begin...........
I've been thinking of returning to blogland for some time now.  It has been, afterall, almost a year since November that I last posted.
Let me tell you why I've decided to do this again.  This coming weekend I'll be heading out to the cabin to do some scrapbooking with my friend.  Last week I started to load some of my pictures to print and for the life of me I couldn't remember everything that happened over the last couple of years.  Yes, I'm almost two years behind.  Then it hit your's all right there!  All but the last year anyway.  That is when it confirmed to me that I needed to start this back up again.  Because I have my blog I have a record of events that have happened in our everyday life. 
I started this blog to share what was happening in our lives.  Most posts were more then likely boring or dull to my small handfull of readers but I think I was really only posting to one person in particular and that would be my daughter Aubrey.  She wasn't even reading yet when I started this journey but I always knew that one day she would be able to look back and remember the many events that have happened in our lives.
So, with that I'll start again.  I've been thinking about this since June but it took this weekend for me to realize that this blog is important, if only just to me and Aubrey.  I'm going to post the stories of our everyday life and the pictures that go along with it.   I'll be posting what comes from my heart. 

So with that here is a couple photos from Aubrey's first day of school.  Can you believe she is in fourth grade now?  Yikes! 

She is loving school I believe.  Math was her favorite subject last year and this year isn't any different.  Reading on the other hand she would rather do without.  She is a good reader, just doesn't enjoy curling up on the end of the sofa with a book and reading like I do. 

She has made some good friends over the years at this school.  Sophie, Korina and Makayla just to name a few.

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