Thursday, April 26, 2007

Calling in sick to work!!!

Its a cold rainy day and I didn't feel like going in to work today! Most people I'm sure would have been smart and skipped out on work on a sunny warm day! Yesterday I decided to use up a couple sick days and take Thursday and Friday off. I have a long list of things that I have been putting off doing around the house. During tax season laundry gets done but usually doesn't get put away very often. I used today while Aubrey was at school to empty her closet, box up outfits that don't fit and get ride of them before she got home! It isn't easy to do this if she is home.....she hates to get rid of anything!

When Aubrey got out of school we both worked on putting her room back together. She had her own ideas of how things should be organized!

Here is the finished product! Looking back we did have fun working together. But she is only four.....only time will tell how long the room stays this way!

Now it's on to the basement storage area and then my sewing room! I won't bore you with those photos!!

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