Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's next for giggle*gear

During my last couple weeks of tax season I didn't have much of a chance to list anything new on eBay. About all I had time to do was work on some custom orders and also start a couple new outfits. Yes! I have more then one started but nothing is complete! I've had a hard time focusing on just one project! It is now the time to take one outfit at a time and finish it and get the photos so I can list something new!!

Please be on the look out for something new by the first of next week! Hopefully my feisty little model will cooperate! To be honest, that is the one step in my eBay listings that I have the most trouble with!!!! I guess for this season I will have to come up with another barginning tool!

I have recently left my design group that I was a part of. I decided that I needed to focus on my family first. This way I can design at my own pace. I am excited to get some new things out there to sell!

Thanks so much to all my current customers!


Anonymous said...

How do I get in touch with you regarding items you design/sew/sell? I have seen some resells on ebay but they have the wrong initial for my kids....

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.... email