Friday, May 18, 2007

Aubrey has been really into picking me flowers. Her favorite flower to pick for me are dandelions! I don't have the heart to tell her that they are just weeds yet. I have several columbine groupings in my front yard that are just beautiful this year. Aubrey picked a red bloom for me for Mothers Day. One of Aubrey's favorite things to do is help daddy grind coffee. We have an electric grinder but she likes to turn the crank on the hand grinder and also Chuck thinks it does a better job! Last night my friend Joni came over to sew. She has her machine set up in my sewing room. I have created a monster!! I've told her that a good habit to get into is to ONLY buy fabric when you have completed a probject! The other day she was showing my all the fabric she has been buying on eBay. It's official!! She's addicted!!!

Pictured above are Joni's two youngest Maddie and Caden with Aubrey. They were struck by something funny on a DVD and I just had to snap a few pictures. The three of them were laughing so hard they were in tears! Giggles and laughs out of children are some of the sweetest sounds!

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priscilla said...

speaking of ebay, you reminded me, I need to buy more fabric!