Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sharing fun times, photos and a little of this and that.

Aubrey and I got to babysit our friends kids last weekend. She was tickled pink that Logan and Olivia were coming for a visit and thought it was even better yet that she would be "babysitting"! She even wanted to changes diapers!! She soon discovered that Olivia didn't hold still like her doll Makayla Eve! Aubrey will be a wonderful mommy someday.

One of my goals this summer was to do some landscaping and planting that would attract hummingbirds. For those that know me, you are aware of how crazy I am for the tiny little things! Well, it seems I have waited and waited and I was about to give up that any would show up this year. I only saw three sightings last year and the hubby never really believed that I saw any at all. Just as I was about to take the feeders down and give up I spotted my first bird! In the days that followed we would see about three at a time. We often spent countless hours outside on the deck just waiting for them to come feed! Attached is a picture of my of my precious birds.....granted its not the best photo....I'm neither a great photographer nor am I as fast as these birds so this is the best I could get.
In July on our trip to Colorado we saw a ka-billion of them at my aunts cabin! When we saw them at our house, Aubrey was amazed that they flew so far to get there! You know took us all night long to get to Colorado!

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Allison said...

Oh, what cuties you got to sit for!!!! I miss those "little" days!!