Sunday, October 7, 2007

When Your Child Writes on the Bathroom Floor!

So what do you all do when your children write all over the floor!

If your us at this point you ceramic tile right over it!

Actually, we were in the middle of the project and thought Aubs would like to sign the old floor before we added the new.
We have never done a tile project before! One of our goals this year was to replace all the flooring in our house. Our entry and main level bath have hardwood and those are the only two areas that will remain untouched! The other two baths and the kitchen are getting tile, hardwood in the dining room and the rest of the house will have new carpet put down. In order to actually be able to do every room in the house at once we knew that we would have to do some of it ourselves. This would cut down on labor costs!

Two weeks ago we decided to "teach ourselves the fine art of laying a tile floor by starting in our spare bathroom. We worked well as a team. Chuck would lay down the tile, do some measuring, write every thing down on small bits of paper and hand it to Aubs. She would run the small bits of paper downstairs and out the back door where I would mark the measurements on the tile and cut. When I was done she would run the newly cut tile back inside and up the stairs where she would receive another small bite of paper to deliver to me.
Here Chuck lays the adhesive and places the tiles. This bathroom is a tight squeeze so there is no room for Aubrey and I to help with this step.

Aubrey helps with the grouting. I don't think she will be making a career of this! Although she is VERY helpful, she is a bit slow!

I will post "AFTER" pictures a little bit later! It turned out so cool! We very proud of the job we did being it was a first for us!

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