Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Beginning to See the Light!

Today my Father-in-law and I made some good progress in my kitchen floor project!!!

We started to layout the tile. I just finished for the night cutting tile. I've decided to quit for the time being because I've been giving the tile cutter a run for its money and I was starting to abuse it! I have five more tiles to cut but they will just have to wait till tomorrow! This tired body just can't take any more!

On the list for tomorrow is glueing the tile in place. Yippy!! I also have the carpenter coming over to take a look at our patio door project. I really don't think he will be able to get to it yet this week but I feel much better knowing that some help in on its way!!

I'm using my Mother-in-laws camera since hubby has ours in Phoenix taking pictures of every golf course in the state! I will have to wait till later this week to post pictures of the progress.

This evening my MIL brought dinner over and one of the things she brought was corn on the cob. Aubrey likes to take a bite of mine whenever she gets a chance. Now, she doesn't like to eat it! She only likes the taste of the salt and the butter! I told her that her great-grandma Madia Hilbrant wouldn't be very proud to know that she didn't like her corn on the cob! Of course Aubrey gave me a blank look like who is she??!! Grandma and Grandpa took Aubrey home with them when they left tonight and as I was cutting my stacks of tiles after they were gone I got to thinking about my grandma and comparing my kitchen project to a kitchen project that she once undertook. As the story goes I believe she was either cooking dinner or washing dishes and was trying to keep her eyes on the TV at the same time. I'm not sure what she was watching at the time....I'm sure it wasn't the Lawrence Welk show because not even milking cows would have kept her from missing that show! Anyway....I believe I was told she was tired of not being able to see the TV from the kitchen so she took a pencil and drew a big square on the wall and proceeded to take a sledge hammer to it!! She was a do-it-yourself kind of gal!

I'm getting to the point in my kitchen project that I'm becoming bone tired but I can't help to think that it will all be worth it in the end. AND, I think my Grandma Hilbrant would be proud of me for taking on a project like this!

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