Monday, October 8, 2007

Kitchen Floor redo! Day Two

While the hubby is out of town I got the grand idea to do the kitchen floor tiling project myself with the help of my father-in-law. We got off to a slow rocky start but are now motoring on!

As with any project there are always things that pop up that you don't expect. Things that add to the cost. Usually the added cost is minimal but in my case it's a big'n!

The first step in my kitchen retile was to repair a spot in the floor that was soft and mushy. As we dug into the floor we discovered the problem was much bigger then we thought about. It seems the true problem was the patio slider door. The frame is just as rotten as the floor. Thus, my minimal cost turns big! I have been shopping for a new slider and a handy-man to install it for me. My father-in-law feels it is much too big of a job for us to tackle ourselves with all the tile work that still needs to get done.

In the meantime we have been trimming door frames, removing oak trim base boards and getting our cement board layed down. Just when we are on a roll something pops up to slow us down....but we stick with it, fix the problem and move one.

I hope to post some pictures soon to show you all what a mess we've been making!!

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