Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Fun Photo Session in the Dunes!

I have always wanted to get pictures of Aubrey in a simple summer white dress with her tucked into the dunes near the ocean. While planning this latest trip I figured there was no better time then now to get that done.

Aubrey and I went to the fabric store to buy the white fabric needed for the dress.....no, I really didn't have any white fabric in my "stash"....believe it or not!! Anyway, she helped me pick everything out....the fabric, pattern and even the lace.

So as we went about our business on our trip we kept our eye open for the perfect location. We found it in a place called Pawley's Island, just north of Georgetown, South Carolina.

I'm proud of how the photos turned out....I hope you all enjoy them too.

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Allison said...

Just gorgeous! I have always wanted to do that too! How fun that she helped pick everything out.