Monday, November 3, 2008

Aubrey wore a cute little halloween skirt and tshirt to school the day before halloween......she was also SO excited that I let her wear her black boots with the outfit!!

We carved pumpkins on Tuesday night.....this is the first year that I think she actually didn't mind getting her hands down in the pumpkin gunk. She cleaned out two of the four pumpkins by herself.

Above: Aubrey and Maddie head up to someones door to trick r' treat. The neighborhood was FULL of kids...... I estimate that we had 320 - 350 kids this year.
Below: Caden is batman, Maddie is Cinderella (a costume I had made for Ashton about 8 years ago.), neighbors Morgan is a black cat and Logan a Starwars "thing" .... sorry, not really up on my Starwars terminology! AND of course the costume Aubrey picked for this year is Belle from Beauty and the Beast! One of grandma Hilbrant's FAVORITE costumes to make!!

On Friday Aubrey got to wear her costume at school. They put them on at the end of the day and had a parade through the school and also thourgh the nursing home next door to the school.
After the parade each classroom had their own halloween party.

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