Monday, January 12, 2009

general updates.

all is well with aubrey. she has finished her full course of her new medication and didn't have an allergic reaction. she is feeling 100% better and is also eating us out of house and home. she is a much happier girl then she had been.

chuck is feeling better too. he had been a bit under the weather over the new year holiday as well. as for me, i think it is all starting to catch up with me as i've had a dry scratchy throat since friday.

i have wanted to update the picture at the top of the blog and also update the music but just haven't had the you will all have to put up with it for a bit longer.

since aubrey was feeling better this weekend, we did have a chance to play with some of her new toys from christmas. on saturday she spent HOURS on her new digital art studio. she loves it!

in other news, i will be looking for a new babysitter again. angie and her husband have decided that she needs to go back to work parttime. she will be doing substitute teaching and since that schedule is one that you never know until the morning when you wake up then she can't watch aubrey. so back to the drawing board i go.

other then that we have had a quiet week and weekend. i have been having some problems with my email so if any of you are trying to send me mail....chances are i'm not getting it.

hope to update more later.

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