Monday, January 5, 2009

Sickness Report

Today Aubrey headed off to school. As of Noon today I haven't heard from the school nurse so all must be going well so far.

Last night, one final little glitch in her recovery.....she seems to be allergic to this medication. This is her second bout with Strep and so far we are two for two with the allergic reactions to medications. Last night I noticed bug bit looking welts all over her body. So, off to Walgreens we go again....this time, Benedryl. After falling asleep in my arms and getting her put in bed it appeared that the welts were gone. Looks like we caught it in time.

Aubrey seemed to have a good day at school. When I went to Angie's to pick her up she really didn't want to leave.....that is always a good sign. Chuck called the doc and got her a new medication. Aubrey hadn't finished the full course of the original medication so the doctor thought it best to continue and completely zap the strep.

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