Thursday, March 25, 2010


last night was parent observation night at aubrey's dance class.....this is the part of the post that i puff my chest out and proclaim that i am the proudest parent on the planet!!!!!
some of you know already that aubrey has had issues in the past getting up in front of people and preforming.......we have come a long way indeed! she made it her entire class with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.....and wasn't shy at all.
i thought it was cute.....the teacher would hold up a CD jacket of Justin Bieber if she wanted the girls to behave.....i guess Justin Bieber is the latest greatest tween star there i ask you....who is Justin Bieber? i'll have to ask aubrey! getting to dance to his music was to be the girls reward for worked.
aubrey and the other girls are excited for their recitel. they do a tap number to "dancing in the rain" and they get to use umbrellas during the show. they practiced both there tap routine and the ballet routine last night. WOW! it should be a wonderful recital!

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