Tuesday, March 23, 2010


where is my UNI panther quilt? can't find the fabric......
the Iowa State quilt is not making it's home in our house. aubrey has informed us that it needs to go and it needs to go quickly!!!
those that know me know that the ONLY reason i would make something so vile would be if it was only fiscally sound. in other words.....the check is in the mail! cha-ching.
edit: if anyone has come across some northern iowa fabric let me know! i would love to make a panther quilt for myself!!! GO PANTHERS!!


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when you said Aubrey says the Iowa State quilt has to go! You have trained her well! Those are way cute quilts - your creativity never ceases to amaze me Deanna! Good Job!


Deanna said...

thanks Debbie!

when i came home with the fabric for the isu quilt aubs saw it, picked it up with two little fingers as if it would burn her and said to me....WHAT! IS! THIS! DOING! HERE!

it was cute....didn't realize she knew the difference between the two schools!